Water Leaks

Homeowners can live in their homes for a long period of time before discovering a minor leak in the water pipes in the walls.  However, these leaks can cause major damage!  These hidden problems can increase your water bill, cause mold and even damage the foundation of your home!  If you think you have a leak in your water line, call Discount Plumbing immediately!

Discount Plumbing has extensive experience locating, repairing and replacing water line leaks. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable about all of the issues behind leaking pipes.

Galvanized pipes can rust and cause extensive problems related to water quality as well as pressure.  If you are noticing an orange tinge and reduced water pressure then it is highly likely you have rust in your water pipes.  Call one of customer service representatives at 866-254-9020 today to setup your free estimate!


Our Pipe Repair Services

Discount Plumbing offers pipe repair services seven days a week; if you notice any of the following issues don’t hesitate to call us immediately!

  • Cracked or leaking water pipes
  • An orange tinge in your water
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Increasing water bills